Roulous Group Tour

Experience Description

By far, a favorite among temple touring. Appreciating the road less traveled, we enjoyed bicycling the 10 miles on back roads to the Roulous Group. Like other temples, it’s actually a complex of temples including Presat Prei Monti, Preah Ko, Bakong, and Lolei.

Our route took us on dirt roads along small villages. We cycled alongside school children encounter to class and water buffalo cooling themselves in wetlands.

It is said that these ruins are some of the earliest permanent structures built by Khmer and mark the beginning of Khmer civilization. Apparently they date from the late 9th century compared to Angkor Wat dominance in the 12th century. The way the bricks are layered and color of sandstone were clues for our novice archaeology knowledge.

Getting here, was half the fun and adventure. The guidebooks say it’s far from town, which is true if you consider 10 miles far. For us, mapping out the back roads assured us an interesting experience. Unless the roads are muddy, getting here via tuk tuk, motorbike, or bicycle is easily manageable. No need to invest in quad.

Experience details

* Be adventurous and free. Use technology for a self-guided independent experience.
* Presat Prei Monti is pretty primitive and off the beaten track. A pleasant reprieve from others



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