Lakhoan Khoal Cambodia

Event Description

Lakhoan Khoal Khmer is a masked dance drama featuring male performers. The repertoire consists solely of material from Reamker, the Khmer mythological tales.

The choreography is similar to the royal ballet of Cambodia though not as refined and is performed along with a narrator and ensemble of traditional pinpeat Khmer instruments.

After losing the support of the royal court in the 19th century, the lakhon khol troupe of the Court of Oudong disseminated throughout the country. In the 20th century, it was performed by village troupes during the Cambodian New Year celebrations, with the Wat Svay Andet troupe being the most renowned. The form is structured as a combination of dance, chanted narration, and mimed gesture, all performed accompanied by pinpeat music.

The movements of this dance are quite similar to Classical Dance, however, it was developed for theatrical presentation with shorter and a bit more relaxed and flowing movements than Classical dance. Lakhon Khol is a bit modernized dance to be easily accessible to audience unfamiliar to traditional Khmer dance.

lakhoan Khoal Khmer



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